Hand Crafted Custom Woodworking.

Woodworking can highlight the custom and unique features of your home with style and functionality. Even the smallest changes, such as adding crown molding, can significantly update a room.

  • Custom built-in cabinets and lighting can draw attention to a beautiful fireplace.
  • Woodworking can change a standard living space into a formal, one of a kind library.
  • A custom cabinet can add luxury and storage to an odd sized bathroom or closet.
  • Custom woodworking can enhance the character of themed rooms such as billiards, lodge, or in-home theaters.

Let our craftsmen customize your home with our extensive experience in woodworking and custom cabinetry.

Northstar Custom Carpentry & Cabinetry

  • Window & Door Installations
  • Insulation Work
  • Sheetrock Finishing
  • Interior Trim work
  • Cabinetry
  • Beam Carpentry
  • Site Grading & Landscaping
  • General Contracting