Owner, Principal GC

Work History.

My foundations in construction and building began when I was just learning how to walk. My grandfather, whom I lived with, owned and operated his own excavation company in Wilton, and my uncle— who was then and today remains my sole idol and role model—took me under his wing and introduced me to the life of a master carpenter.

Moving forward through my late teens, I enrolled in advanced carpentry and masonry programs before graduating with honors from both high school and trade school—directly afterward, securing my first job with a family friend and builder. After three years of working general construction, I had the golden opportunity to join the ranks of a large builder in Westport who’d earned a reputation for building with heart, style, and integrity. It was there that I received training in antique beam and barn-board construction, advanced framing, customized cabinetry work, and other highend construction techniques. And, more importantly, it was there that I became a leader among my brothers in trades and craftsmanship.

After seven years of both challenging and rewarding work, I moved to a leadership role within an elite trim company, taking charge of managing their multi-milliondollar projects from start to finish across Greenwich, Westport, and Darien—and earning several features for this work in Fine Homebuilding magazine along the way. It was during this time that I met my wife, Lynn, who encouraged me to take a leap by taking the next step in my career and founding North Star Building. With a heavy heart from leaving my colleagues and clients behind, I resigned on great terms from my post at the trim company and began spreading the word of my newest venture. Our first project was a small addition that quickly spiraled into a whole-home renovation that included separate structures and barns as well as a $30,000 pirate-themed tree house.

And our spiral of growth has not slowed since. Nor has our commitment to fulfilling each job with the highest quality of materials and the highest skilled subcontractors available (with our advantage being that we can attain these both without the high overhead that larger contractors have).

I love coming to work each day and having the resources to make a permanent difference in the lives of my clients—and I’ve never once doubted whether building superlative homes is the work I was born for.


Owner, Principal GC


To create superlative homes—and nothing less—one house at a time and through the marriage of industry leaders and industry leading practices.


fully licensed and insured

committed to top-tier talent
and materials

managed on-site, led from within

forged from a history of success
and client rapport